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Dr. Hsu’s Published Books in Chinese

  • Reborn at the End of the Road: Dr. Hsu’s Spiritual Prescriptions for Healing Cancer (English ver. is also available)
  • A Journey of Searching the Inner Self
  • You Can Have No Diseases
  • Dr. Hsu’s Spiritual Prescriptions
  • Connection Between Mind and Diseases
  • Dr. Hsu’s Anti-depressive Prescriptions
  • Flying in Children’s Hearts
  • 10 Lessons on Health of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Everything is Love
  • Psychological Time
  • Abnormality is a Kind of Normality
  • Dr. Hsu’s Counseling Time
  • Children, Old Souls
  • Mind Energy Resources
  • Cancer Is not An Incurable Disease
  • An Unknown Jesus
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