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Reborn At the End of the Road

Introduction of “Reborn At the End of the Road”:
Dr. Hsu’s Spiritual Prescriptions of Healing Cancer

Reborn At the End of the Road: Dr. Hsu's Spiritual Prescriptions of Healing Cancer

A masterpiece of healing cancer through body, mind and spirit testified by numerous cancer patients who have regained their health

Is cancer truly the end of the road?
Dr. Hsu gives you a new definition for cancer: It is definitely not an incurable disease!

Cancer should not be seen as merely a physical illness. It is a reflection of your life condition revealed though your body.  Cancer should be seen as a turning point in life.  This turning point is not meant to teach you how to eat more healthy food, or how to find more ways to defend yourself against cancer. Rather, it is a turning point to teach you how to change your life for the better. It obliges you to re-examine your attitude toward life.

If the real cause in the psyche realm is not understood, detected or faced; any treatment that considers only the body, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or any alternative treatment, is never enough. Eventually, it becomes inevitable that work needs to begin with your heart and mind, if a real cure is going to happen.

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For a long time, we have experienced helplessness with medical science and medicine. Although we agree with the concept of body, mind and spirit being one; those of us who manage to turn such insights into operable, even duplicable treatments, are rare.

Dr. Hsu has been studying holistic health philosophy and practice for the body, mind and spirit for nearly two decades and has many insights to share on cancer therapy and relapse prevention.  In Holistic Health Development Groups and the "Beautiful Life Cancer Patient Development Group,” he applies theories and techniques unknown or ignored by the modern medicine world and has achieved impressive results.  All these you will find in this book.

Perhaps this book will echo the truth you feel within you. Or, it may reawaken the profound knowledge and penetrating insight you have about life and, perhaps, forgotten. If you are a cancer patient, a patient’s family member, or a professional, we hope this book – with its entirely different perspectives and new therapy – will bring you to a new way thinking about yourself and your wellness.

INTRODUCTION – Starting From the HEART

Over ten years ago, I started reading The Seth books and felt a connection to his way of thinking. I was not in medical school then, but later, during my medical school training, there was a subtle struggle deep in my heart. Are all the knowledge and techniques that I learned in medical school really enough? My increasing medical knowledge and expanding understanding of the New Age Seth thinking began to interact in my mind.

After graduation, I did my internship at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. There I finally had the opportunity to integrate the professional knowledge I had learned, and the Seth philosophy towards body, mind, and spirit. I had my family practice in Taipei Ren Aye Hospital where I continued to gain experience melding the two approaches. What I have learned has deepened my feeling that modern medicine has many areas that need to be expanded and improved.

Of course, there are many outstanding accomplished scientists in the modern medical field. Although countless people also have contributed their energy into medical research and development, somehow, deep inside me, there is a sense of something lacking. My thinking is that the human being is more than just a physical body. A human being consists of body, mind, social and spiritual dimensions. This combination cannot be separated.

After I received my family doctor license to practice medicine, I applied to the Psychiatric Department at Taipei Convalescent Hospital, in order to learn more about the effects of the human spirit and psyche on the physical body.

In this book, there are many New Age medical concepts, which are the result of over ten years of exploration and research into combining and applying New Age concepts to the healing of body and mind. I present to you the best of my clinical knowledge and the essence of my experience.

My involvement in cancer treatment began when a friend was diagnosed with liver cancer 5 or 6 years ago. He was at the serious end stage of this disease. According to medical statistics, he was told that at his stage he had only four to six months to live. Because of my love for life, my desire, and my ambition to use what I learned to expand into new horizons, I teamed up with Ms. Wong Gee Ching to start a body, mind, and spirit holistic treatment for this case two to three times a week. We combined this process with traditional medical treatment, with surprisingly good results. My friend’s traditional medical doctors were amazed at the miraculous improvement. My friend is still healthy and carrying on with his life today.

As I will mention in this book, only treating the physical problem with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone treatment, even so called "alternative treatment", or experimental medical treatment is not enough. Eventually, we still have to begin from the heart and mind. This is what I always emphasize. Even after years of clinical experience, my belief has not waned. Only with the root healing of heart and mind will other types of treatments have a chance to take effect.

For a long time, people have been frustrated with the inadequacy of modern medicine and also have recognized that the body and mind are one. However, few practitioners have the ability to turn this insight into a viable and repeatable medical treatment method.

Since I started this type of cancer treatment, I have discovered that there are techniques and theoretical bases that do not exist in modern medicine. Their treatment results, which you will discover in this book, are spectacular. For example, the concept of "The Power is At the Present Moment" is a familiar one, but many do not know how to apply it.

The chapter "Transcend Time and Place — Cancer Treatment" explains how to apply the concept of "The Power Is at the Present Moment" to cancer treatment. It emphasizes that the power of immediate change is in the present. You must not only take powerful action in the present, but you must also believe deeply that you are healthy in the present. The change in your belief will repair and recover your genes. By changing your present mind and heart, you will change your past as well. When a past psychological condition in the subconscious has changed, it will start the recovery process of the mutated genes, thus allowing our physical body gradually to returns to its normal functions. Based on this experience and understanding, cancer patients will slowly leave behind fear in life, enter the core of life, and eventually find the power within.

When you understand these concepts, and have the required treatment techniques, you will discover that cancer is not terminal. What it brings is not an attack on life, but actually, it is an improvement in the overall quality of life. The cancer treatment is wholesome. It includes not only the physical aspect, but also more importantly, an adjustment of the attitude towards life.

Cancer is the number one killer facing humanity in the 21st century. Future science will certainly make a great deal of progress. However, more advanced physical science will never cure problems originating in the psyche area. Cancer is much more than just a physical illness; therefore relying on medical science and drug improvements to develop cancer treatment techniques, is like climbing a tree to catch a fish.

When you read this book there may be a resonant feeling of truth or you may wake up with a clear insight into your life. It does not matter whether it is you who has cancer, or a friend with cancer, or a family member, or an oncologist. I hope that this entirely new cancer treatment method derived from a very different understanding of cancer will bring you a different thinking paradigm. If you agree and are interested in promoting these concepts to fight cancer from mind and heart, you are welcome to join us to work together. I also want to express my appreciation to Ms. Chang Yu Zen. She has worked diligently to transfer my dictation into words. The support from the founder of the Taiwan New Age Centre, Ms. Wang Gee Ching and Chief of Secretary Shu Pin Ru is much appreciated as well.

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