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Reborn At the End of the Road

Introduction of “Reborn At the End of the Road”:
Dr. Hsu’s Spiritual Prescriptions of Healing Cancer

Reborn At the End of the Road: Dr. Hsu's Spiritual Prescriptions of Healing Cancer

A masterpiece of healing cancer through body, mind and spirit testified by numerous cancer patients who have regained their health

Is cancer truly the end of the road?
Dr. Hsu gives you a new definition for cancer: It is definitely not an incurable disease!

Cancer should not be seen as merely a physical illness. It is a reflection of your life condition revealed though your body.  Cancer should be seen as a turning point in life.  This turning point is not meant to teach you how to eat more healthy food, or how to find more ways to defend yourself against cancer. Rather, it is a turning point to teach you how to change your life for the better. It obliges you to re-examine your attitude toward life.

If the real cause in the psyche realm is not understood, detected or faced; any treatment that considers only the body, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or any alternative treatment, is never enough. Eventually, it becomes inevitable that work needs to begin with your heart and mind, if a real cure is going to happen.

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Reborn at the End of the Road (http://www NULL.books NULL.php/wishingkit/exep/prod/booksfile NULL.php?item=0010459222)

Reborn at the End of the Road (http://www NULL.books NULL.php/wishingkit/exep/prod/booksfile NULL.php?item=0010459222)

For a long time, we have experienced helplessness with medical science and medicine. Although we agree with the concept of body, mind and spirit being one; those of us who manage to turn such insights into operable, even duplicable treatments, are rare.

Dr. Hsu has been studying holistic health philosophy and practice for the body, mind and spirit for nearly two decades and has many insights to share on cancer therapy and relapse prevention.  In Holistic Health Development Groups and the "Beautiful Life Cancer Patient Development Group,” he applies theories and techniques unknown or ignored by the modern medicine world and has achieved impressive results.  All these you will find in this book.

Perhaps this book will echo the truth you feel within you. Or, it may reawaken the profound knowledge and penetrating insight you have about life and, perhaps, forgotten. If you are a cancer patient, a patient’s family member, or a professional, we hope this book – with its entirely different perspectives and new therapy – will bring you to a new way thinking about yourself and your wellness.

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