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Release your sadness

Reminisce or write down all events since early childhood that make you sad: for instance, when parents separated or divorced, or the time when you did not do so well at school and when you felt yourself put down by others. Think of the time when you might have felt rejected the first time you fell in love, or when your important career or business did not go well, or when you experienced deep frustration in marriage, or with a good friend or felt grief when family members died.

Keep this journal going until strong sadness rises up, tears come or you start to howl.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.96

The magical approach

Set the outcome – the path reveals itself.
Easily and effortlessly, it comes.
Act with trust, with thankfulness –
let your being be patient.

Self-Healing practice

Self-Healing practice:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and touch every part of your body and say to the body part as you touch it “Thank you very much,” show your gratitude to your body that has accompanied and served you on his human journey.
  • Either face to face or in your heart, talk to those who have hurt you in the past, “Because I don’t want to leave this world with remorse, I want to make peace.”
  • For those people that I have hurt in my life, I sincerely pray for their forgiveness. Life is really a learning journey. I also need to forgive my own ignorance and the mistakes that I have made.
  • Deeply appreciate all those people who have loved me, helped me and if predestined, I wish to reincarnate with them in the next life; if I received their assistance, I wish to pay back in the next life.
  • Fill your heart with appreciation for the universe and All That Is for providing you with such a rich human learning journey.
  • Do not forget to appreciate your efforts, your endeavors in your life.
  • In the greater scheme of things, everything that happens has its good purpose and I am safe.
  • Fill your heart with appreciation for the universe and All That Is for providing you with such a rich human learning journey.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.190

The intuitive diet

The intuitive diet:

Believe that your body is intuitive, wise and it knows what it needs. Exercise your intuition to choose food, the food you feel like eating, and not follow the expert’s opinion to the last detail. Play this game before meal time…

Visualize all kinds of food in front of you; for instance, carrots, beef, shrimp, etc., and watch how your heart reacts to each item “yes” or “no.”

This is the way your body chooses the food it needs.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.128

The Knack of Keeping Vitality

1. Don’t Overeat, Don’t Starve too Long

Modern people have very unhealthy eating habits — either they stay hungry too long or they overeat. When the body stays hungry too long, it cannot maintain balance. When the body takes in too much food, it has to digest a lot of food in a short period. This creates extra burden for the digestive system, and some rapid changes of speed in the body’s metabolic function.

Surely, the body has the ability to face these changes, but we should not deliberately torture it because it has these abilities. We should keep a love and trust attitude toward our diet, and also try our best to allow a balanced diet intake in a 24-hour period. Some people feel they must eat until full or they feel cheated or that they had wasted food. This is only torture to oneself, what good is it?

2. Don’t Stay Awake too Long, and Don’t Sleep too Long

Some byproducts of metabolic waste can only be cleaned away from the body during sleep. That is why when a person stays awake too long, the body will accumulate too many byproducts of metabolic waste, which will take more time to clean away. If in a long period of wakefulness one can have short sleep times, then the body can clean up the metabolic waste during this time, return to its vitality state fater, and recover easier from the illness related to metabolism.

Don’t sleep too long means sleeping more than ten hours. At this point the muscle lacks movement, and consciousness becomes dull. In this way, the body not only has no real rest, but also becomes less lively.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.127

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