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The Glory of Life — Si-Mei’s Story

Wang Si-MeiWang Si-Mei
BOD: February, 1959
Anamnesis: Gastrointestinal stromal tumor transferred to liver

Everything that happened had a reason. Now, I no longer hate cancer. Instead, I think of it as a gift.

In August of 2005, after 10 hospital visits, my doctor diagnosed me with a rare kind cancer – gastrointestinal stromal tumor transferred to 4 points of liver. The biggest tumor in my liver was around 4.5cm – that’s the III + I stage. The methods for treatment were very limited. An operation could not be performed and the prospects of chemotherapy treatment was less than promising. I chose to face this devastating news of my cancer without sadness, because it seemed to me to be a release from the hardship and burdens of my unhappy life. The diagnosis gave me a sense of relief.

My husband got help from a friend who works in medical institutions. She brought some spiritual books while visiting me. Then she scheduled me to hear Dr Hsu’s speech in National Cheng Kung University on 31 August.

My heart was conflicted after Dr. Hsu’s speech. In the hall, I read Dr. Hsu’s books “Reborn at the End of the Road” and “Create a Miracle in Your Life”. I found a reflection of my heart in these books and others that I had read. I tried to understand them and experience the teachings of the books and CDs once I got home. From the books, I got information about Cancer Group Treatment. I couldn’t wait to call Supervisor Huang at the Seth Foundation Kaohsiung office. After talking with her, I immediately travelled south to meet her.
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The Glory of Life — Papa Wu’s Story

Shang-Ming Wu (Papa Wu)

Shang-Ming Wu
BOD: November 1938
Anamnesis: Liver Cancer

I am beloved. I am safe. I am healthy. The cells in my whole body are living in the Universe’s energy of love: experiencing the glory and joy of love. The cells in my whole body are healthy, lively and happy.

In June of 2005, having learned that I had liver cancer, my family was scared. On my behalf, they rushed to search for the most effective cancer treatments. After seeking advice from their friends – who are experienced doctors, and read the reports from Internet – they believed that having an operation was the best and most effective way to clear the cancer cells.
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