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You have innate self-worth, and you are blessed.

Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu Lecture Vedio –

You have innate self-worth, and you are blessed. (With Chinese & English subtitles)





Cure with mind (2011 TIMA)

用心醫病 (2011國際慈濟人醫會)
Cure with mind (2011 TIMA)

What Dr. Hsu is going to prescribe are not drugs
but a simple mental prescription.
Let’s give Dr. Hsu
a warm welcome.
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Dr. Hsu’s brief presentation in Nov 2010

The Glory of Life — Papa Wu’s Story

Shang-Ming Wu (Papa Wu)

Shang-Ming Wu
BOD: November 1938
Anamnesis: Liver Cancer

I am beloved. I am safe. I am healthy. The cells in my whole body are living in the Universe’s energy of love: experiencing the glory and joy of love. The cells in my whole body are healthy, lively and happy.

In June of 2005, having learned that I had liver cancer, my family was scared. On my behalf, they rushed to search for the most effective cancer treatments. After seeking advice from their friends – who are experienced doctors, and read the reports from Internet – they believed that having an operation was the best and most effective way to clear the cancer cells.
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Money As Tokens of Love

When we treat the flow of money as the flow of love between people, we have achieved enlightenment!

If your heart at the moment of paying money is fulfilled and abundant, then so are the people would receive it.

I’m telling you that money is an illusion, the truth is that love and gratitude are the themes behind money.

Money represents a flow of love energy from our hearts. Money is meant to circulate.
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