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Seth Clinic

Seth Holistic Clinic (http://www NULL.sethclinic
Address: 2F., No.26, Zhongyang 7th St.,
Xindian City, Taipei County 231
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 886-2-2218-0875
Fax: 886-2-2218-0975

For purchasing books in the U.S., please contact:
Los Angeles: New Age LA (newageusa null@null gmail
New York: Healing Seeds Foundation (healingseeds null@null yahoo

  1. sethian
    Mar 4 2011

    Hi Gina!
    My name is Hsin-Yi. I’m Dr. Hsu’s English secretary. We’re happy to hear from you and I wanna thank you for writing us on behalf of Dr. Hsu.
    Here are some links that might be of your interest. Meanwhile, I’ll write you from (luciama91357 null@null gmail
    Seth Education Foundation (http://www NULL.seth NULL.asp)
    Dr. Hsu’s blog in Chinese: (http://www NULL.blogger
    Dr. Hsu Facebook: (http://www NULL.facebook
    Thank you again and write me anytime you want!

  2. Cindy Siemers
    Mar 7 2011


    My name is Cindy Siemers. Originally I am from Taiwan. I am familiar with Seth’s materials and was excited to learn about Dr. Hsu’s effort to promote the mind, body and connection in healing art.

    I am also a licensed social worker both in MO and KS. I am in the process to start my own counseling practice and would love to link up with Dr. Hsu’s organization in the US. Could you point me to the right direction? Thanks.

    By the way, my Chinese last name is also Hsu. :-))

  3. sethian
    Mar 8 2011

    Hi Cindy!
    Thank you very much for writing us! We’re glad to know you and that you’re a licensed social worker and going to start your own counseling practice!
    We’ll be very happy if Dr. Hsu’s ideas and experience can keep you company during your work.
    So far we have two branches in the States:
    002-1-714-928-5986 (newageusa null@null gmail
    002-1-718-878-5185 (healingseeds null@null yahoo
    Also, write me anytime you want to (luciama91357 null@null gmail
    I surely will write you more!
    Best wishes!

  4. Elaine McNamara
    Apr 7 2011

    I would like to purchase a book called, “Dr. Hsu’s Spiritual Prescriptions of Healing Cancer”, but do not know if it is written in English. Can you help advise?

  5. Ashleigh Starke
    May 2 2011

    Just wanted to thank Dr Tien-Sheng for the information on the Seth books in Chinese characters. Actually, I live in Australia but have some friends in China to whom I would like to send the Nature of Personal Reality. I will be in China later this month and will arrange to purchase the books online from you in Taiwan.
    Unfortunately, even though I have spent a lot of time in China I don’t speak Mandarin. How difficult would it be for me to attend Dr Tien-Sheng’s practice or retreat centre?

  6. Peter Leers
    Jun 11 2011

    Hi Dr. Hsu,

    I am member of the Seth-Vereinigung and found a nice artice about you and your activities in Taiwan. Wonderful!
    I send you our best wishes and greetings from germany!


  7. sethian
    Jun 12 2011

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your message! It’s very nice to hear from you!
    Hope you’ll come to visit us in Taiwan someday!
    You have our best wishes too!
    Keep in touch!

  8. sethian
    Jun 12 2011

    Hi Elaine,
    Thank you for your inquiry. I think the book you were asking about is “Reborn at the End of the Road” which is the only one of Dr. Hsu’s books about healing cancers translated in English.
    Would you let me know where you live? If you’re in the U.S., you may contact with these two branches directly:
    So far we have two branches in the States:
    002-1-714-928-5986 (newageusa null@null gmail
    If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write us!

    Hsin-Yi Ma
    Dr. Hsu’s English assistant

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