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Body’s natural wisdom

I hope everyone has noticed the viewpoint of “Generally Not Trusting the Physical Body!”
For example, opening the newspapers, magazines, and any theory regarding the health discussed inside, 99% body will have this sickness and that illness, arthritis, etc.; small illness will turn into big disease if it is not taken care of while it is still small; the body has many early warning signals: be careful when you find a lump; coughing could be an early symptom of lung cancer. These messages are full of mistrust of the budy.


Don’t underestimate the effect of this mistrust on the body. When your ego consciousness becomes less trusting of your body, you hinder the function of the body’s natural wisdom. You become less healthy.


When you do not trust your body’s innate ability toward a wholesome healthy state, you will never have a healthy body. Only when you have abandoned the belief that your body is not wholesome may you then have a healthy body.

For example, many of my patients do exercise, eat organic food, or do lots of activities that we think are good for our health.

What kind of psychological attitude is behind these activities? It’s fear!

They are afraid that if they don’t do these activities, if they don’t eat healthy food, they will get sick. I’m not denying the theory that any matter or outside factor can induce illness. I’m saying that this is not the key factor. Any matter or outside factor will indeed affect the body, but only to a limited degree.

The real power is inside the mind and spirit.

Here I want to mention a very important concept often overlooked by everyone.

If you do exercise because you are afraid that your body might get sick if you don’t, or do any endeavor for the purpose of a healthy body, basically this will only emphasize your distrust of your physical body.

Proper exercise will certainly help physical health. But to do exercise because of a fear of death, fear of sickness, these exercises may actually make you less healthy, because the message that the body receives is the mistrust you have!

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.30

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