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Look inward for self awareness

1. Re-establish the Intimate Touch of Real Feeling
Return to your inner self and touch your inner feelings: “How is my mood today?” “How do I feel at this moment?” “Am I angry or happy with this issue?” Re-feel the feelings that were avoided before.

2. Accept the Self-worth of Existence
Self-worth is not built on the basis of outside standards such as more money earned, doing a good job, appreciated by the boss or family, or playing the right role. Self-worth is to go back to the inner feelings and re-accept the self.

I have lots of feelings on this. Under the present educational system in Taiwan, a child’s worth is established on the basis of how well he behaves, meets parents’ standards or not, or matches social expectations or not. However, no child should be put in these circumstances.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.171

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