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Why People Get Sick?

Why People Get Sick? From a New Age point of view, when a person get sick, there are many directions to consider:

  1. The body is doing minor maintenance. The body needs a small illness to renew, to re-ignite its immune systems and inner mechanisms, just like a storm flushing out the dirt and cleaning our streets. This is a process of the body self-healing to prevent itself from getting more serious diseases. It is almost like the body is doing a self-inoculation.
  2. It reflects our psychological condition. It reflects what we have not faced. Am I suffering from heavy financial pressure lately? Am I trapped in an inescapable and miserable relationship? Am I having too much pressure at work recently? Do I need a rest but cannot get the boss’s permission? Do I need a rest but cannot get the boss’s permission? Do I engage in an endless fight with my spouse? What is the use in speaking out, might as well suffer in silence…things like these, etc.

One needs to consider health from a wide angle to become aware of what psychological state is reflected by the body. Then starting treatment follows this reflection.

For example, when a person gets a headache, he might have to think about the reason causing the headache. Is there any difficulty at work? Is he thinking about quitting or not quitting? Is there anything disturbing that he cannot think through lately? And so on.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.33

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