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Seth Holistic Clinic

Seth Clinic

Dr. Hsu leads the Seth Holistic Clinic, which emphasizes the philosophy and the health care concepts inspired by Seth thoughts. It is a realization of “Pragmatic Idealist” philosophy. The features are as follows:

First: Focus on the body-mind-spirit connection and spiritual growth as avenues for healing. Not treating the patient merely as a ‘patient’ labeled with a disease such as cancer, chronic illness, mental disorder or neuroses, etc. On the contrary, the Seth Clinic aims at stimulating the patient’s body-mind-spirit potentials with short-term external support, as well as, encouragement along their life path; assisting them to achieve their own spiritual growth and healing objectives.

Second: Emphasize the incredible self-healing potential of the body-mind-spirit. All kinds of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medication are just temporary solutions. As Seth said “even the best heart replacement surgery cannot save a person who does not want to live!”

Third: Serve both educational and training functions. We recruit outstanding health care professionals in an effort to help them enhance their mastery of Seth philosophy and their proficiency in guiding patients in body-mind-spirit healing. With Hualien Seth Village and Seth Education Foundation, we endeavor to promote the Seth philosophy and the body-mind-spirit healing of the human beings throughout the world.

Therefore, we welcome those who do not want to rely solely on drugs but are also interested in spiritual growth, self-awareness and how their mind-body-spirit connection can aid in their healing.

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