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Seth Education Foundation

Introduction of Seth Education Foundation

1. Origin

Seth Education Foundation was founded in March 7, 2008. It was derived from the Holistic Care Unit (Dr. Hus was the leader) of Chinese New Age Society (founded in 1992) which formally promoted body and mind health concept on the basis of Seth in Taiwan. Nowadays Seth Education Foundation not only delivers various kinds of Seth based spiritual courses or publications, but also provides holistic care to the patients and holds free public speeches around the world to help people achieve health in/through body, mind and spirit.

2. Objectives

Affirm Life, Treasure the Earth, and move society forward to a New Age of general spirituality, openness and improvement.

3. Principles & Missions

  • The balance of body-mind-spirit is the key to creating health and joy. The power of mind decides the direction of life.
  • In the area of health – inspire the public to trust the body’s self-healing power.
  • In the area of education – stimulate the potential of life, respect the uniqueness of each individual, trust self-value and create a joyful and healthy life.
  • Construct Seth body-mind-spirit healing a community and a Seth College to be a utopia for the retreat of human mind and growth in spirituality.

4. Services

Seeds Training in Taichung

Seeds Training in Taichung

  • Body-mind-spirit health lecture
  • Courses and reading groups of Seth materials
  • Groups and workshops for spiritual growth
  • Individual spiritual counseling
  • Support groups for patients (with cancer/ chronic illness/ mental disorder) and their family members
  • Plan for business group training and social services
  • Global curriculum connections with video-conferencing.

5. Global Love Contact Points

  • 10 branch offices in Taiwan
  • Branch offices in New York and Los Angeles in US.
  • Branch offices in Hong Kong and Shen Zhen in China
  • Branch offices in Malaysia
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