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Healing practice for people living with cancer

Change the Past from the Power in the Present Moment (tips: 1 to 4)

  1. Tell yourself that power if in the present moment. From the present moment you can change the past, present and future.
  2. Do breathing visualization for 20 miniutes, focusing all your attention and sensors on your breathing, feeling the peacefulness of your heart in between breathing in and breathing out, gradually slowing down the breathing until there is a calm force generated inside your heart.
  3. In your mind, be reminiscent of the most painful thing in your life, returning to the scene at that most painful moment, but in your mind you see a new ending, for example, a misunderstanding resolved, a business not filed, the marriage saved by attending counseling, seeing an old ending replaced by a new possibility and that cancer also did not occur.
  4. Take the action at the present moment: If you are experiencing a broken marriage, look for help from a marriage counselor or talk to the former partner, knowing that if you do something different, then you may not be divorced. With this kind of understanding and awareness, you enable yourself to improve the present relationship.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.138

The three golden laws of Seth’s holistic health

The three golden laws of Seth’s holistic health:

  • Your body is always healthy in its natural state.
  • Your body can always cure itself.
  • Your body is always a mirror of your mind.

Power is at the present moment

If we can use the concept of “power is at the present moment” to change our inflexible habitual thinking mode, to continue to learn as long as we live, to allow life to move forward, to renew our spirit continually, then our body will regenerate constantly and have more vitality.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.136

Self-Healing practice

Self-Healing practice:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and touch every part of your body and say to the body part as you touch it “Thank you very much,” show your gratitude to your body that has accompanied and served you on his human journey.
  • Either face to face or in your heart, talk to those who have hurt you in the past, “Because I don’t want to leave this world with remorse, I want to make peace.”
  • For those people that I have hurt in my life, I sincerely pray for their forgiveness. Life is really a learning journey. I also need to forgive my own ignorance and the mistakes that I have made.
  • Deeply appreciate all those people who have loved me, helped me and if predestined, I wish to reincarnate with them in the next life; if I received their assistance, I wish to pay back in the next life.
  • Fill your heart with appreciation for the universe and All That Is for providing you with such a rich human learning journey.
  • Do not forget to appreciate your efforts, your endeavors in your life.
  • In the greater scheme of things, everything that happens has its good purpose and I am safe.
  • Fill your heart with appreciation for the universe and All That Is for providing you with such a rich human learning journey.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.190

Power is in the present moment

Power is in the present moment.” This emphasizes that the power to change lies in the present moment. You not only take powerful action in the present moment, but also deeply believe that your body is healthy at that very moment. The disease is only a phenomena manifested in the body. Many people have chronic diseases and from my personal point of view, it is the spirit that has the chronic disease, not the physical body.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.135

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