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Accept your own setbacks and idleness

I found that many cancer patients could not make fun of themselves. They thought they have to strive for their worthiness of existence. They must continue to move upward and take on the burden of more responsibilities. They become further and further removed from their real inner feelings, and off the track of the grace of life.

Without knowing whom their lives are for, they feel emptiness and fatigue until finally they lose their direction in life.

I don’t urge patients to endlessly push forward. Instead, I encourage them to express their weakness and powerlessness and return to the nurturing environment of the medical treatment room to honestly, deply face their lives.

I often ask patients: “If you don’t work hard now; if you don’t live to certain standards; if you don’t live for the sake of other people; if you don’t care much about peoples’ opinions of your behavior, what will you do? Could you accept your own setbacks and non-endeavor?

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.172

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