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Change your habitual pattern

If you feel helpless, tell yourself the strength is within you.

When the pattern of your behavior and interaction with the world have changed, this world changes.

To Get in Touch with Your Feeling Tone

An Exercise to Get in Touch with Your Feeling Tone

Remember that in this world, everything that we have experienced, the mountains, rocks, trees, creatures they all have consciousness, and each consciousness is endowed with its own feeling tone. This feeling tone represents the reality of one’s existence. Just like the harmonic vibrations and orchestra produces are composed of endless deep chords or a progression of chords, everyone has his own range of feeling tone.

Sit quietly with eyes closed; let go of all thoughts, and only sense the existence of yourself. Look inward to feel the deep interior chord, knowing those “feeling tones” and there, and patiently wait for those “feeling tones” to become clear. Put questions like “What does it feel like?” and “Am I doing it right?” aside. Accept all the feelings that happen in the exercise.

You do not need to count the times. This is not work, and it should be an enjoyable experience. This exercise will deepen your connection with your inner energy.

—Reborn At the End of the Road, P.114

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