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The Glory of Life — Papa Wu’s Story

Shang-Ming Wu (Papa Wu)

Shang-Ming Wu
BOD: November 1938
Anamnesis: Liver Cancer

I am beloved. I am safe. I am healthy. The cells in my whole body are living in the Universe’s energy of love: experiencing the glory and joy of love. The cells in my whole body are healthy, lively and happy.

In June of 2005, having learned that I had liver cancer, my family was scared. On my behalf, they rushed to search for the most effective cancer treatments. After seeking advice from their friends – who are experienced doctors, and read the reports from Internet – they believed that having an operation was the best and most effective way to clear the cancer cells.

After having surgery on June 30th, 2005, I conscientiously read the books related to cancer treatments. I focused on changing my dietary habits and life style; making adjustments to them according to the health standard set for me after the surgery. I started to practice Qi-gong as well. Since then, I have strictly followed those standards to live my life. I set lots of restrictions for myself and became self-restraint.

On the other hand, I am a semi-retired property insurance sales agent and work related stress was still with me. I originally thought that my cancer cells had been removed from my body after surgery. Unexpectedly, the cancer came back again one year later. I, therefore, had another operation on July 13th, 2006 and thought that, surely, the cancer cells would be gone this time! Then, suddenly, the cancer returned a third time – within four months. I could just have had embolization on December 19th, 2006. But, my children became more nervous this time and renewed their search for alternative healing methods, as well as, other traditional medical treatments.

Glory of Life

Fortunately, Emperor it pays off, my second daughter found the Seth Education Foundation, which is a group that emphasizes the connection between body-mind-spirit in the healing of cancer. She urged me to join the group. Surprisingly, after having a one-to-one spiritual consultation with Jia-Zhen, Chen (the CEO), I experienced enlightenment quite suddenly. After that, I decided to change my old life style – quit my job completely and joined their reading group. Having changed my life style, the work stress disappeared and my diet was no longer restricted. After letting go of my persistence nature, my heart started to change and so did my surroundings. I became more pleasant and felt at ease. Since then, I have stopped taking the liver and stomach supplements that were prescribed by doctors and my discomfort is gone.

In only four months of attending the Seth courses, I became more cheerful and was constantly smiling. My mood has changed, and my marital life has improved as well. I started to take act to immediately on whatever I wanted and liked. This kind of ‘in-the-moment self impulse’ has influenced my view of life. The shadow of sickness is no longer in my heart. Scenes of happiness are all around me. I even dared to travel abroad to Japan for 5 days to experience my healthiness. That is what ‘beliefs create reality’ is meant to be. I am free, thanks to the Foundation’s promoting of Seth’s teaching that has helped me regain confidence in having a new life.

After joining the Seth group, I have seriously listened to Dr Hsu’s CD, read his books, attended talks and the reading groups as well. I have learned more about Seth’s teaching from these activities. In addition, I have learned the discipline of daily meditation. Each morning I face the sun with the mediation: I am beloved. I am safe. I am healthy. The cells in my whole body are living in the Universe’s energy of love, glory of love, and joy of love. The cells in my whole body are healthy, lively and happy.

This story I have shared with you is the reality I have experienced since my involvement with Seth. But the most wonderfully gratifying part is, not only have I benefited, my family has also benefited from the influence of Seth’s teaching: my eldest daughter’s business has improved and her children have become self-motivated. My second son-in-law, who has had Diabetes for years, adopted Seth’s teaching as well. His emotional life became stabilized; his diet changed; he felt more relaxed and his family life is one of harmony. All these changes have cured his Diabetes without taking any drugs. Their son – also influenced by his parents’ harmonious relationship – has experienced enough improvement in his ADHD to reduce his drug treatment for that condition.

My second daughter participated in the Foundation and became a volunteer teacher of drawing classes. My other family members also have confidence in Seth’s teaching. They have learned to use meditation to change their focus and to use their mental state to cure sickness. Its healing effect is not secondary to those of the traditional medical treatments. Therefore, my whole family has shared the benefit of Seth’s teachings just as Dr. Hsu predicted. All of them have benefited as I practiced Seth to deal with my sickness.

In conclusion, I must share that the lesson I have learned through this experience is that we cannot rely only upon traditional medical treatments in curing cancer. We also need to focus on our mind, i.e. ‘to cure disease with heart’. We need to face our emotional lives frankly and not with calculations. With our mind relaxed, our spirit will be more pleasant. Having changed the mood, grabbed the happiness of the moment, and having confidence towards the body’s ‘healing power’: the wishes of good health can be fulfilled.

Status update: Shang-ming has studied Seth’s teaching over a year. He went to hospital for a follow-up in April 2008 and found that the cancer in his body has disappeared. He is now the leader of the LOHAS group.

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